Welcome! This is the event page for the Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians Summer Meeting. Please follow the Berlin 2018 planning wiki for active discussions or join the Gitter room. Important news items and updates will be posted below. The About page has more background.

Please use #ethmagicians across platforms to help share resources and find each other in online discussions.

Agenda, Call for Lightning EIP Talks & Sponsors

Please check out the proposed agenda wiki on the EthMagicians forum.

We are making a “Call for Lightning EIP Talks”. We want to provide space where people can live present their EIP, either as needed for discussion by all of the Magicians or by focused Working Groups. The format will be 3 slides and a 5 minute presentation, with a brief 5 minute Q&A session. These presentations will be livestreamed and recorded, and will help determine what gets discussed. Please add your Lightning EIP Talk to the wiki.

Is your project or company interested in sponsoring to cover costs? Check out the Sponsor Overview.

If you would like to get notifications by email and/or to send us feedback privately, please fill out the sign up form. Otherwise, stay tuned to this site and the new @EthMagicians twitter handle.

Magicians Meetings, Confirming July 14 - 15th at c-base

We’ve heard you loud and clear! The word “council” has been raising some eyebrows as it sounds exclusive and not welcoming.

We’re evolving everything about this process out in the open, so please do participate and we’ll figure it out together.

For now – other than the repo name! – we think we’re going to consistently call these Magicians Meetings, with this being the Summer Meeting. The Spring Meeting was at EthCC in Paris, and the Fall Meeting will be around Devcon.

We are also confirming that the dates will be July 14th & 15th, and the venue will be c-base.

Please do let us know if you’ll join us – or any other comments – by filling out the Expression of Interest form.

Expression of Interest Survey

Please fill out the Expression of Interest survey. This helps us plan the sessions in Berlin, most importantly having a venue that is large enough to include all of those that want to attend.

Update: the sign up is up now.