July 13 Friday

Informal gathering Prater Beer Garden, Kastanienallee 7-9 - Google Maps. Hosted by Boris @bmann, come join 6pm onwards.

For both Saturday and Sunday, start time is 10am at c-base - Google Maps.

July 14 Saturday - All Magicians

Group discussions as a “Full Council”, focusing on our goals as an organization and our process.



Lightning Talks

General community topics

Introducing working group topics / announcing working groups

July 15 Sunday - Working Group Sessions

Covering the proposed topics for working groups.

Please add topics that you would like to work on!

Here are the latest proposed topics for the working groups:


Dinners are not covered, but we will organize some group activities that people can participate in.

The c-base space is an open space

July 16-18 - “Side-chains encouraged”

Working Groups / Birds of a Feather / Shoulder gatherings

Want to gather together in cafes or co-working after the main event? Feel free to self-organize gatherings. Please link here to any wiki pages or websites for these.

July 19-20 - Gnosis DappCon

As this event follows the Council of Berlin, we encourage all Magicians to go, and perhaps some can present our work!

Please add suggestions to the Agenda Wiki!